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Business Phone Service

How Does It Work?


All Bill needs to get started is a copy of your monthly phone bill. You need someone to make sense of that thing!


Chances are good that you are paying (or overpaying) for business phone services that you don’t need or use. Bill creates a better solution for you using his 30 years of experience.


At no cost to you, your new solution is designed and implemented. FINALLY a knowledgeable advocate that will navigate and orchestrate changes that will benefit you!

A Few Words From Bill Kirk

I am originally from Akron, Ohio and live in Akron.  Assisting businesses in Northeast Ohio; Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Youngstown is the focus of most days.  However, I do have the ability to provide my virtual solutions throughout the U.S. No equipment, no software and no phone system required.

Most small businesses overpay for their telecommunications (Phone. Fax. Internet) services.  More and more businesses are working remotely or have become more mobile in their work.  YET, they continue to pay for the telecom infrastructure they needed when the office was the business hub.  When all your staff worked in the office, traditional phone lines were needed and appropriate. If you or your staff promote your cell numbers, we should talk.  I allow your Main business number to distribute callers to all appropriate employees.  Once I have your main number, you can consider getting rid of all other phone lines and your fax line, eliminating those costs.  MANY advantages to the business owner in having callers reach their employees via the Main number and an extension, versus calling their cell number.

On top of overpaying, there has been a shift in many offices, removing/reducing the need for traditional phone lines. Years ago, when the office was the business hub, and all staff worked in the office, traditional phone lines were needed and appropriate. Many businesses are more mobile now, YET they continue to pay for all the traditional phone lines/infrastructure in the office. Do you find yourself promoting your cell number? If yes, this indicates your office numbers are not working for YOU. Protect your business phone number.

Get the advice of a professional

I understand it is not your area of expertise. No one looks forward to the research and process of a telecom change. This is where my expertise works for YOU! Stop overpaying AND you certainly do not need to invest in hardware (i.e., phone system) With VoIP Phones options are limitless… A copy of your phone bill and an easy 5–10-minute conversation can be very productive. Once I get a general sense of your operations and needs, I will propose easy to understand options. Nothing is done without your approval and understanding.

Cost savings and better solutions await.

I will do the heavy lifting, be your advocate in the telecom maize, and be your point of contact. You’ve put this off for years. Fax your phone bill(s) to 330-237-1111 or email to [email protected] . How about a 5 minute conversation? Call 330-237-1111. It will be time well spent.

Bill KirK

What Our Past Clients Have to Say

The Possibilities!!!

If you aren’t utilizing some of these services then you are underutilizing what’s possible.

add extensions


Want your business to appear even more professional? Add extensions that route a caller to the correct person or department. You don’t need a fancy or expensive system to do that anymore. There are virtual telecom options that can work.

VOIP Phones 


Want to “open up” an office in another state? We can set you up with a local phone number to offer a LOCAL presence as well as influence the perception of the size of your organization.

Virtual Phone Number        


Separate your business and personal responsibilities, even though you can be receiving business calls to your cell device.

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It’s much more convenient to receive faxes on your computer and phone where you can actually do something with them. Same goes for voicemail. No fumbling around. It’s right in your email.

The cell device has won the communications battle. Let’s leverage that device and eliminate or greatly reduce traditional phone and fax lines, phone systems and their expense by using a virtual phone system. Cut your business phone service expenses.

Virtual Business Phone Service: Unlock the Power of Virtual Telecom

Welcome to Single Number Communications, the leading provider of advanced communication solutions for businesses. We specialize in delivering top-notch services that cater to your specific communication needs. Whether you require reliable business phone service, business phone numbers, phone numbers, business calls, voicemail options, remote office phone systems, virtual phone numbers, or business virtual phone numbers, we have you covered.

At Single Number Communications, we understand that seamless communication is crucial for the success of any business. That’s why we offer a wide range of cutting-edge solutions to enhance your communication infrastructure. Our services are designed to streamline your operations, boost productivity, and improve customer satisfaction.

By choosing Single Number Communications, you gain access to:

Business Phone Service:

Our business phone service ensures uninterrupted and crystal-clear communication. We provide robust features and customizable solutions to meet your unique requirements.

VoIP Phones:

Experience the benefits of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones. Our VoIP phones offer cost savings, flexibility, and advanced features to empower your communication.

Phone Numbers:

Find the perfect phone number for your business with our comprehensive phone number services. We offer local, toll-free, and vanity numbers to establish your professional presence.

Business Calls:

Efficiently manage your business calls with our comprehensive solutions. From call forwarding and call waiting to conference calling, we have the features you need to handle calls effectively.

Voicemail Options:

Simplify your voicemail management with our advanced voicemail options. Customize greetings, access voicemail remotely, and receive transcriptions via email for convenient message handling.

Remote Office Phone Systems:

Stay connected with your team and clients, regardless of your location. Our remote office phone systems enable seamless communication, promoting collaboration and productivity.

Virtual Phone Numbers:

Expand your reach and enhance customer convenience with virtual phone numbers. Our virtual phone number service enables you to establish a virtual presence beyond geographical limitations.

Business Virtual Phone Numbers:

Designed to meet the communication needs of businesses of all sizes, our business virtual phone numbers offer advanced features and scalability.

Embrace the power of virtual telecom and unlock new opportunities for your business. Experience the flexibility, cost savings, and efficiency that our cloud communication solutions provide.

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Bill Kirk and Single Number Communications will show you how to manage your communications and gain control between work and personal obligations. Isn’t it time to better control business obligations and personal time?

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