Protect your business phone number!

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As owner’s we cannot control all things.  HOWEVER, the calls into your business are absolutely critical and should be MANAGED well.  Chances are, you are paying a local phone company for your Main Business Telephone number, maybe for 20+ years.  Doesn’t make sense to get rid of the number.  Let’s talk about making it more efficient.  Let’s make it be the PRIMARY contact number for all your employees, just like 20+ years ago when most everyone was working in/at the office.

Once I have your Main Number (you OWN the number, an important question to ask any telecom company/service provider).  It becomes a virtual number, no longer a PHYSICAL phone line at your location.  The virtual/cloud aspect gives your number more robust functionality, such as taking numerous incoming calls all at once, no busy signals.  This is important, because once I have your Main number, you can consider getting rid of all your remaining numbers and their expense. We can assist businesses in Northeast Ohio; Cleveland, Akron, Canton and Youngstown are the focus of our effort most days.  We do have the ability to provide my virtual solutions throughout the US.


Your virtual number supports an Auto Attendant that can offer up to 99 extensions.  I would not want to offer 99 extensions to callers, but that is how robust it can be.   The ability to reach all appropriate employees via your main number, NOW offers you the control that you lose when employees begin promoting their cell numbers.  Add/Delete extensions as needed.  Voice messages are sent to your email(s) where they are easily shared or saved.  Voice messages can also be retrieved via any phone.  A Daytime Greeting can play 24×7, or an After Hour greeting, with different functionality is presented during the days/hours you designate.  Your Main Number also becomes a Fax to Email once I am hosting the number.  Do you really want to provide a second cell device to your employees?  Do your employees really want/need to carry a second cell device (the answer is NO for most owners and employees).

Protect your Business Phone

Employees change jobs, and IF they have been promoting their personal cell devices, those calls are OFF the reservation once they have left.  Hopefully, they are advising YOUR clients that they have left and redirect those calls back to YOUR organization.  “Hopefully” is not a plan, and it is not the best look for your company that employees are leaving.  Perhaps your ex-employee ends up at a competitor that would be delighted to receive calls from YOUR clients.

I appreciate that the cell device has WON the telecommunications battle.  Largely due to business becoming more mobile in their work, and the ability/desire to have employees work remotely. So, let’s LEVERAGE the cell device, by having your Main Number PRIVATELY forward calls to your employee’s cell.  Control the extensions if someone leaves, is sick, on vacation, maternity leave, etc. and the best part is that no phone system, no hardware, and no software needed on your end.  The virtual number provides all the functionality.

The better option

In a nutshell, if you use my service for your Main Number, it can direct callers to all appropriate employees.

You can eliminate all remaining phone lines and their expense.

If your employees continue to promote their cell number(s), your Main number will be effective when someone finds you via your website/social media AND you probably reduce your telecommunication costs by 40-60%.  Think $49.95 to $79.95 per month versus what you are currently spending.

As the owner.  I have a national footprint and can work with any business in the United States. I will configure your number and make the adds/changes to your number as needed.

We are in this TOGETHER.  Worth a conversation?   330-237-1111    [email protected]