AngleFAX Interview with Akron Office Space LLC


AngleFAX interview with Akron Office Space LLC. Born and raised in Akron, Ohio, Bill is a serial entrepreneur who has seen his fair share of the issues that many companies face. One of the main problems that he has seen is just how much many small businesses pay for their telecommunications services.

It was Bill’s work as a business owner that put him into close contact with many non-profits. What Bill found was organizations spending far too much time attempting to raise funds through the traditional methods of fundraising. “And, I just thought: What if I could bring my telecommunications experience into play for these non-profits. And AngelFAX was born,” Bill declares proudly.

Explaining how it works, Bill explains, “AngelFAX provides fax solutions, but it does it in a very giving and generous way.” AngelFax brings Bill’s knowledge on how to deliver fax solutions into a way to fund a nonprofit that you care about.

The purpose of AngelFAX is to strengthen communities, fund nonprofits AND improve fax solutions. This may seem like a strange combination, but we see it as an elegant way to position an expense many individuals and businesses still pay for. Switch your fax service to AngelFAX. Choose from a fax to email solution OR implement a HIPAA compliant traditional fax solution. The benefit: a MINIMUM of 20% of your monthly payment goes to the nonprofit YOU have a passion for! Keep your number, pay the same monthly amount, and a deserving nonprofit gets funded (available in all 50 states).

Every quarter, the non-profit of your choice gets a distribution of funds and letter letting them know where that money came from. “And all of this is done without anyone spending any additional money!” And this isn’t a charitable deduction; this is the same ‘ole business expense that your company has been deducting all along.

Bill couldn’t be prouder of what his company does for the community, “It’s a no-brainer. Especially if they have a passion for a non-profit of their community… If you’re going to pay for a fax line, why not position that expense to pay for a cause that you care about.” And faxing is still a large part of so many businesses. “We’ve seen a resurgence in faxing,” Bill explains. So many businesses still use fax, including health insurance, financial services, attorneys, accountants, real estate, mortgage, etc.

And to prove that AngelFAX isn’t just your father’s fax system, AngelFAX provides both traditional fax solutions with modern day fax-to-email services. For so many people on the go, this new fax-to-email service will just fit the mobile workday better. “We provide options on the type of solutions that you want, and options are good for most individuals.

Check out or email Bill at [email protected]. Additionally, Bill can be reached by phone at (330) 237-1111 for more information on how Bill can position one of your regular business expenses to help pay for a cause that you care about. And don’t forget to Get Your Halo On!