Getting Away from Traditional Phone Lines and Expenses is Possible


Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Getting Away from Traditional Phone Lines is easy with the rampant growth and changes that we are seeing in technology, it seems that anything is possible. We can’t count out anything at this point when it comes to what technology can grant us the power to do. We now have power and connectedness with a device that can fit inside of our pocket. The Age of the Smartphone has without a doubt, changed the way that we live entirely. Since Apple developed the iPhone just over ten years ago, they have radically rocked the way that we process information, connect with each other, communicate, solve problems, and go to work.

These days, it is hard to imagine what life would be like without our smartphones. They have allowed us to take both work and play everywhere. In fact, they have totally blurred the lines that once existed between the home and the office. Not long ago, when you shut off your computer and went home from work, you were done working for the day. With smartphones, cloud computing, laptops, and the ability to access projects and files from any mobile device, your entire job or career can be remote. You can take your work anywhere that you go, and companies are beginning to see the value in that. More and more studies are showing that flexible work schedules and remote working positions greatly improve the happiness and productivity of employees. As long as you have a laptop or smartphone and connection to the internet, you have the ability to connect with your team and work virtually from anywhere whether that be home, a coffee shop, or even while you are abroad.

How Smartphones are Changing the Work Environment

With any kind of progress, you can expect that it comes with certain costs. Can you guess one of the slowly outdating pieces of technology? Desk phones are becoming almost entirely obsolete. In fact, many companies are wasting thousands and even millions of dollars every year on desk phones and landlines. Their employees and team members don’t even use them. Why continue to pay for land lines, when more and more of your staff are working away from the office?

What are Employees Saying?

Employees agree that desk phones are becoming totally outdated. When polling thousands of employees, research indicated that 85.1% of employees stated that having their smartphone was absolutely essential for working remotely. The next closest essential device was their laptops at 82.5%.

What Should We Do About Traditional Phone Lines?

So many companies are still using landlines and antiquated technologies as the framework that their business runs on. So, what should we be doing about our office phones? Why not consider eliminating most of your traditional landlines and compliment the mobile work style. More and more employees have and prefer it! While your main business number needs to be retained, what about introducing an Auto Attendant or Directory that provides callers the ability to access employees or certain departments and route those calls to cell devices, eliminating the remaining landlines and their expense!? More and more companies are ready to have this conversation.